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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2020/1

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FURNITURE With the development of the Tiomos hinge system, GRASS has rung in the beginning of a new era in the history of furniture construction. With the concealed hinge Tiomos Hidden, GRASS has now added another product to its portfolio that makes it possible to move doors elegantly and with a mechanism that is almost invisible. Tiomos Hidden The invisible hinge With the development of the Tiomos hinge system, GRASS has rung in the beginning of a new era in the history of furniture construction. With the concealed hinge Tiomos Hidden, launched at 2017, the company has now added another component that makes it possible to move doors elegantly and with an almost invisible mechanism. “When we talk about minimalism, we mean that the technology is becoming increasingly smarter, the features increasingly more comfortable ‐ and also increasingly less visible”, says Andreas Marosch, head of marketing at GRASS, describing the company’s approach. “The customers want to express their personality with customised furniture; the technical components should either be designed in a way that does not distract from the design of the piece or in a way that, besides their functional purpose, they also add a unique aesthetic aspect to the furniture.” The latest product in the Tiomos range perfectly exemplifies this product philosophy. It strictly gives precedence to the furniture; even better: it blends into the design and is therefore almost invisible. The concealed hinge Tiomos Hidden is inset into the furniture body and therefore sits flush with the door and the furniture’s interior walls. With the new finish “Night”, the hinge also responds to the trend for dark, sophisticated finishes. Tiomos Hidden is also available in a nickel-plated version. GRASS stands for movement mechanisms that combine functionality with good design. This dual aspect also characterises Tiomos Hidden: the concealed hinge is just as functional as its visible counterparts. It is exceptionally durable and can be adjusted in three different ways. Tiomos Hidden features an integrated dampening mechanism and has a 105 degree opening angle. Doors do not have to be thicker than a mere 18 millimetres. The hinge is available in a soft close version and also with “Tipmatic plus” for handleless fronts ‐ and as usual, GRASS has had the exceptional product quality confirmed by an independent body: Tiomos Hidden bears the LGA label, which is awarded by TÜV Rheinland and documents the comprehensive and consistent product quality. 22 No. 1 • February 2020

MACHINING TECHNOLOGY Precision grip guarantees a clean cut in furniture production, every millimeter counts: Optimal arrangement of workpieces with different geometries is crucial when it comes to saving on expensive raw materials. Schmalz offers a flexible vacuum solution precisely for this purpose. In addition, the system holds securely on smooth surfaces and ensures short set-up times. The nesting process is commonly used to lower material costs. The individual elements are slotted together or nested, resulting in minimal waste. A wear plate is then clamped on the grid table of the CNC machine. The raw material is positioned here. The vacuum is so strong that the wear plate is able to keep even the smallest milled parts safely in position. Horizontal processing, such as drilling, is not possible during nesting. However, this is no longer a problem with the Schmalz clamping system. Flat Construction The vacuum blocks of the VCBL-G series are particularly suitable for use directly on the MDF wear plate of nesting machine tables. This means the user does not need to set up the machine, which avoids long downtimes. The suction cups are connected directly to the vacuum system of the CNC machine via hoses in order to generate the necessary vacuum. If the user places the workpiece down, a touch valve with a soft surface activates the vacuum block ‐ this protects the workpiece surface. Unneeded suction cups can also remain on the machine table. The friction pad on the underside of the suction cup creates a high holding force, even on smooth surfaces. Schmalz has designed the connection to the suction plate with a robust main body made from plastic so that the suction plate can be easily replaced in the event of wear. Another advantage of the vacuum block series is its minimal operating height of 30 millimeters. This makes the VCBL-G solution ideally suited to 3-axis machining centers with low Z values. Flexible Modular System For users who want to use a vacuum block VCBL-B instead of a suction cup VCBL-G, Schmalz has developed the Adapter-Plate AP-G. The vacuum is still generated directly from the nesting machine system via a hose. The suction cup mount includes a grid: The vacuum blocks can be inserted in the Adapter-Plate in 15° increments in any direction so that the suction area can be aligned as desired. The modular system ‐ vacuum blocks are available in three different heights and with four different suction areas ‐ increases flexibility and shortens set-up time. Due to the variable working heights, users can also use the Schmalz system for 5-axis machining centers. The vacuum blocks VCBL-G K1 can be placed directly on the wear plate of the machine. Using the Adapter-Plates AP-G, the vacuum blocks VCBL-B can also be used on nesting machines. Optimized solution for door assembling At Barberán, tailoring our machinery to your specific production is one of our strengths. A great example is this door assembling line, where the production has been optimized with two independent but connected transporting tables that allow the operator to invest the time more efficiently. The door core is coated with PUR glues and picked up by two clamps that lay it over the panel the operator has prepared. It goes directly onto the next table, where the operator can fit the upper panel manually, and go into a press to ensure a perfect finish. The line is simple, and the operator can switch between laying the upper and lower panels without downtime. No. 1 • February 2020 23

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