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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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Hall 6.1 | Stand A70

Hall 6.1 | Stand A70 Welcome Into the Era of “Synchrony“ Trade Fair Motto “MORE+less“ for Product, Decor, and Texture Novelties The wood-based material manufacturer EGGER presents its product, decor, and surface novelties at the world’s leading trade fair interzum in Cologne. On a 600 m² surface, an international audience gains insight into the trade fair motto “MORE+less“. It includes themes that at first glance do not seem to work when combined - but a second glance is worth it. cing listeners to pay a visit to the EGGER exhibition stand. Decors and textures that thrill EGGER understands under its interzum motto “MORE+less“ options of alternatives, which customers can select individually from the options offered in order to define their own “MORE+less“ focal points. EGGER welcomes visitors into the era of ”synchrony” in hall 6.1, stand A70. ”How we live and how we organise ourselves is less and less determined by only one trend, and more by individually interpreting single trends, influences, and materials,” explains Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decor and Design Management at EGGER. Materials for furniture design must be options of alternatives that allow the customer to identify own key elements in their individual ”MORE+less”. ”With our trend themes, we show at interzum examples of optional connections”, continues Monhoff. Varied highlights in the product segment EGGER is continuously working on the further development of products and positions itself to focus on customer benefits. ”Among other things, we show at interzum 2019 the highlights of our PerfectSense Gloss and Matt lacquered boards, PP edging in exceptional digital print quality, as well as worktops in new versions and with new surfaces that follow the trend of thin materials”, says Hubert Höglauer, Head of Marketing and Product Management Furniture and Interior Design, enti- Phrases such as ”less is more” and ”more is less” are familiar. With its trade fair motto, EGGER shows that both variants can be seen in combination as ”MORE+less”. There is no either/or, but the acceptance of several trends next to each other that also work together. The decor and surface novelties and their combinations are based on the trade fair motto and are represented at interzum in six room situations. Newly developed textures add even more character: The lively ST32 Feelwood Vintage, a new entry into the family of synchronised pore surfaces, displays a rustic old wood surface, the ST20 Metal Brushed is inspired by metal with a finely brushed look and feel and the ST75 Mineral Satin was developed especially for material reproductions on worktops. At interzum we will now present for the first time the expansion of our product range to an international professional audience”, says Hubert Höglauer. The Latest Decor Trends by impress Hall 6.1 | Stand B060 C069 Welcome home - This is the motto that the surface specialist impress is using to invite visitors to interzum to its booth in Hall 6.1., B-060-C-069. The visitors can experience the decor of the current concept “I’m Pulse“ being applied here - including varied new impulses. ”Welcome home”.... Words we like to hear. But what is home? Where is home? The world in which we live is a vast, colorful, dynamic place. It is full of stimuli, changes and inspirations which leave their mark on us and influence us every day. Although we all perceive the same impulses, we often experience them in very different ways. Our everyday life is also full of contradictions. It fluctuates between urbanism and digitalization on the one hand and individual, original experiences on the other hand. But these opposites need not exclude each other. On the contrary: your personality is shaped by and gains significance from life amidst diverse impulses. They make us unique and distinctive. This is reflected in our homes and our lifestyle. Instead of being dominated by a single trend, our lifestyle also manifests itself individually in a mix of diverse design styles. It is this in particular which impress is expressing with its design concept I’m Pulse in its presentation at interzum. Whether individually or in combination, as a wall design, finished furniture or floor coverings, in the kitchen, dining room, living room, bathroom, bedroom, office, bedsit, dressing room or closet - the visitor can experience the new impress decor in a show home. Diverse tactile objects additionally invite the visitor to interact with them. I’m Pulse - for impress these are more than just words. ”Not only do we define ourselves via the impulses we absorb, with which we interact and which we translate into our decor; we ourselves are the impulse impacting the world around us. We set new impulses and trigger new impulses,” Sascha Kostros, Head of Decor Management says, summing up the philosophy of the current impress decor world I’m Pulse. 44 No. 2 • May 2019

Indonesian Light-weight Wood is an Alternative to Classical Materials Confirmed by Tests Hall 4.2 | Stand A070 B071 High-quality timber products from Indonesian light-weight wood will be presented at this year’s interzum. Exhibitors from Indonesia will bring a wide variety of plywood, block board and panels made from Balsa, Jabon and Albasia to the world-leading trade fair for furniture production and interior design. Tests by the Development- and Test Laboratory Wood Technology Ltd. (EPH) in Dresden prove - the typical light-weight wood species from Indonesia are an interesting alternative to classical wood products. The Import Promotion Desk (IPD), the German partner for import promotion, supports four Indonesian producers at the interzum and presents the special quality of Indonesian light wood products. On behalf of IPD, wood experts of EPH have tested block board and plywood from Jabon and Albasia and compared them with classical plywood, MDF and chipboards P2. The tests prove that the light woods from Indonesia are not only convincing because of their weight, but that they can also compete with the classic materials in terms of density, screw withdrawal and bending strength. When it comes to the decisive factor for strength and thermal conductivity of wood products, the bulk density, the light woods mentioned beat the classics well. In terms of screw extraction resistance, the wood-based materials lie close together. And in bending strength and elasticity modulus, the wood-based materials from Indonesia achieve consistently high values. ”The sustainable management of natural forests and the extensive afforestation with fastgrowing wood species are requirements for our engagement in Indonesia”, says Frank Maul, IPD expert for sourcing and purchase. ”The FLEGT-licence confirms that exported timber complies with the European Timber Regulation. Thus buyers can be sure that the wood comes from legal sources.” The IPD cooperates closely with Indonesian associations and initiatives of the timber industry, carefully selects exporters and mediates contacts between timber importers and Indonesian producers. Great Variety of Ideas at the 9th Becker Design Forum From the Luminaire to the Chair Becker presents ten innovative designs as prototypes at the international trade fair “interzum“. The response is still huge: 126 designers from all over the world have submitted more than 190 designs to the 9th Becker Design Forum. The moulded wood specialist Becker from Brakel in Germany will present ten of the most exciting designs in the form of prototypes at the world‘s largest furniture supplier fair in Cologne, Germany. As a specialist for the production of individual moulded wood components, Becker has been on the market for more than 80 years. Founded in 1936, the company has its headquarters in Brakel, Germany. Here, moulded wood components are developed and manufactured on more than 19,000 square metres. About 40 percent of this is exported. Hall 5.2 | Stand F10 G11 ”We are particularly pleased that there are so many newcomers among the participants this year,” declares Gerrit Becker, Managing Partner at Becker. ”Our aim is to offer designers a platform for their ideas and to bring them into contact with interested manufacturers. At the same time, we want to draw attention to the wide range of applications of our materials: moulded wood and Formfleece”. Formfleece from Becker consists of a special polyester fleece blend which, like moulded wood, is easy to form, stable, durable and also sound-absorbing. ”Sometimes we ask ourselves: Can you always reinvent the subject of chairs? And then we look at the entries to the new Design Forum and see: Yes, you can! The creativity of our design partners has no limits,” says Joachim Schelper, head of development. The combination of moulded wood and the new material Formfleece makes the designs even more diverse: they range from acoustic panels, storage systems and shelves to sound-absorbing luminaires and tables. And of course chairs in all variations. Even a wheelchair, a bicycle saddle and a baby cot are among the entries. The Becker Design Forum exists since 2003. The prototypes are currently being built in the Becker development centre and will be presented to a wide audience at the Becker stand (Hall 5.2, F10 G11) at the ”interzum”. Critical look: Managing partner Gerrit Becker (right) and development manager Joachim Schelper check whether the prototype of the Delphin-Design chair matches the model. Photo: Frank Springer No. 2 • May 2019 45

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