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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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Popular Piazza will

Popular Piazza will Provide New Highlights with an Expanded Spectrum for 2019 Mobile Spaces Piazza: interzum Makes Interior Design Mobile interzum is the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production and interior construction. It is where the most important business deals are made. Key players from across the entire value creation chain provide the momentum that shapes the market in coming years. interzum sees itself as a mirror of the times and considers presenting the future of material characteristics and interiors concepts as part of its responsibilities. With the Mobile Spaces Piazza, it is once again responding to one of the most exciting current issues - life in mobile living environments. ”By expanding the spectrum on display to cover all four types of mobile spaces - automotive, maritime, aircraft and railway - we are creating an excellent foundation for a piazza that is absolutely one of a kind. Its aim is to provide visitors with a complete overview of the innovative possibilities for furnishing mobile spaces. True to our motto, ‘The future starts here’, the piazza will deliver precisely the momentum that the industries need in this area and do so with a globally unique approach,” says Maik Fischer, Director of interzum. In this way, interzum is designing tomorrow’s personal mobility. ”Many interzum exhibitors are already active in the interior design of mobile spaces, so we can call upon wide-ranging expertise in this field. With the Mobile Spaces Piazza, we want to draw the attention of visitors from the automotive, cruise ship and aviation industries to these offerings because the interior design industry’s showcase at interzum is stronger and more innovative than anywhere else in the world,” Maik Fischer adds. A good example of interzum’s mobile expertise is its cooperation with the Furniture Club. A group of the Furniture Club’s members will furnish a model cruise ship cabin to demonstrate their potential to trade fair visitors. The Mobile Spaces material hub in the centre of the piazza will look even further ahead into the future. The world of materials as the link that joins will be presented by KHALIL design. It will present an outlook for materials and the language of form that will set the industry’s future direction. Trade fair visitors will be able to engage directly with innovative issues and experience real-world innovations at all the interzum special event areas. Key players from across the entire value creation chain provide the momentum that shapes the market in coming years with their product innovations, ideas, studies and materials. U.S. Hardwood in the Spotlight Hall 10.2 | Stand G020 H029 D074-C065 To meet the range of U.S. hardwood suppliers and see the spectrum of species, short of taking a flight over the Atlantic, the place to be is interzum 2019. The American presence at Europe’s premier furniture production and interior design exhibition will be at its most high profile since the 1990s. Such was the interest in attending the Cologne event, the American Hardwood Export Council organised a U.S. hardwood pavilion with space for 18 companies. But that wasn’t enough, so there’s now a second to accommodate a further 8. ”The interest has been tremendous - and, besides the pavilions, there will be state exhibitor groupings, and companies taking individual stands. That pushes total U.S. representation to between 35 and 40 exhibitors,” said AHEC European Director David Venables. ”That’s going to generate a great energy. It will be an exciting place to be, both for the American suppliers and show visitors, who will be able to experience both the familiar and the new from our industry.” One factor in this re-energised interest in interzum is the dip in demand from America’s biggest hardwood market, China. interzum is also seen as an opportunity to provide fresh perspectives on the US industry and its abundant and diverse hardwood offer to a European market, which, as AHEC Chairman Scott Seyler says, has always been a leader in innovation. Focal points will include the assured sustainability and legality of the American hardwood supply. ”This is an area where the U.S. industry already has a global reputation, but it’s done a masterful job of illuminating these aspects further,” said Scott Seyler. There will be information on the whole richly diverse palette of U.S. hardwoods at the show. Additionally AHEC will invite visitors to take another look at species they may feel they’re familiar with. In particular the spotlight will fall on red oak, which will be the sole species on show on AHEC’s stand. ”Red oak is not just America’s most abundant hardwood, and so its most sustainable, it’s hugely versatile with an appealing, wonderfully warm aesthetic. However, while it’s very popular in other markets, it’s been less utilised in Europe,” said David Venables. ”We have some incredibly exciting projects lined up to showcase its potential through the year. It’s oak redefined and it all starts at interzum.” The whole AHEC Europe team will also be at interzum to provide information, advice and company introductions. 42 No. 2 • May 2019

Blum Unveils New Brand Promise with Innovative Products and Solutions “moving ideas“ Halle 7.1 | Stand A018 A010 Halle 7.1 | Stand A020 C021 Halle 7.1 | Stand A021 Boulevard | Stand B022 Austrian manufacturer of fittings, Blum aspires to develop innovative ideas and enable customers to implement theirs - by working in partnership to meet challenges and needs. On more than 1,300 metres of newly designed exhibition space, Blum will unveil its new brand promise and present new products and inspirations for greater quality of living. The company will also take part in interzum’s special exhibition “Tiny Spaces - Living in Compact Homes“. What are the furniture trends of the future? Can new ideas be implemented? And what is more important, what will customers get out of these ideas? These are the questions that manufacturer of fittings, Blum is interested in. Starting from customers’ needs, the long-established company works closely together with its customers to develop new ideas and solutions for greater quality of living. Blum observes global trends, conducts its own research and passes on findings to its customers, for new insights provide furniture makers with inspiration and ideas. Blum will make the most of interzum to present unique products which underpin its new brand promise of ”moving ideas”. Developing ideas and realising them with Blum products Listening to customers, exchanging ideas and developing products that meet their needs - that’s what Blum understands by “moving ideas“. As a partner of the furniture industry, Blum will display its latest solutions in the field of lift, hinge and pull-out systems and present innovative assembly devices and services. Visitors can also look forward to a new product in the field of special solutions. How to create bespoke furniture, make optimal use of small and large living areas and inspire customers with surprising solutions - these are the questions that the Austrian company will answer at the trade show. Innovative PUR Technologies to Take Centre Stage Hall 10.1 | Stand F010 G011 At this year’s interzum trade fair, Jowat SE will be focusing on the highly efficient use of PUR hot melt adhesives for the assembly of foam mattresses. The adhesives specialist will be presenting the benefits of the continuously growing Jowatherm-Reaktant ® MR series: PUR hot melt adhesives based on monomer- reduced formulations and therefore not subject to special labelling. The use of new materials and the development of new, optimised mattress structures can quickly push traditional adhesive systems to their limits in the assembly of foam mattresses. Switching to a reactive PUR hot melt can be a sensible and efficient solution. At interzum, the globally leading trade fair for furniture manufacture and interior finishing in Cologne, Jowat will be presenting the benefits of using PUR hot melt adhesives of the Jowatherm-Reaktant ® series in mattress manufacturing. Those adhesives are characterised by several evident advantages: PUR hot melts achieve a superior bond with good long-term resistance, and have short pressing times, a high green strength and bond strength, as well as a high heat resistance. No water is used during bonding, which facilitates an inline mattress manufacture and therefore can in particular substantially speed up the assembly and packaging process of rolled mattresses. The currently available products of the Jowatherm-Reaktant ® series can join the substrates widely used in mattress manufacturing, even materials that are difficult to bond, e.g. latex, viscose, or gel foam. In addition to focusing on the products mentioned above, the adhesives specialist from Detmold will also be providing insights into the growing range of reduced monomer PUR hot melts in its Jowatherm-Reaktant ® MR group, as well as a glimpse at what the future holds. In this product group, Jowat supplies PUR hot melt adhesives not subject to special labelling that can be used in different applications, e.g. for flat lamination of wood-based boards or edgebanding. No. 2 • May 2019 43

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