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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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LIGNA Hall 13 | Stand

LIGNA Hall 13 | Stand C56 News From the “Digital“ Frontier Wide Range of Technologies for Surface Treatment At Ligna 2019, SCM will add to its digital range, by combining digital technologies with high added value, specifically targeted services. The Digital Hub, the innovation control centre at the core of the exhibition booth, will display all the latest products. to be smoothed, are the technologies due to be presented to the furniture industry at the SCM booth (Hall 13). These solutions allow for surfaces to be prepared and treated to produce finished products with a 3D finishing effect like wave designs, hand smoothed, structured, saw cut and worm hole, capable of adding unique touch and visual sensations. At the Superfici booth (Hall 16) the most exclusive finishing solutions will also be showcased. These include, anthropomorphous and Cartesian robots for painting panels, fixtures, a vast range of sprayers aimed at the different application requirements and production capacity, the latest generation of roller painters and UV and UV LED driers. Machines all in ”4.0” version. Important new-entries characterised by automation for all SCM technology To meet the needs of 4.0 industrial production, the ”Maestro Connect” IoT platform will be extended to new technologies applied to the wide range of SCM machining options (cutting, edgebanding, drilling and routing, nesting and edge machining) for both panels and solid wood. The data gathered and the information available increase thanks to the introduction of the new sensor kit specific for technology able to detect the changes in vital machine components, spotting any critical conditions of use or ones that are not ideal. This evolved data collection and analysis system originating from SCM, offers the client maximum control of the machine or plant’s product flow, achieve rapid, intelligent and foreseeable maintenance and an increasingly effective planning of a spare parts strategy. The launch of the new Maestro Active man-machine interface software is also showcased. Maestro Active (special mention at the last German Design Award) is the new operator interface which, combined with the touch eye-M control panel, revolutionises the way to interact with SCM technology. The project will be launched at LIGNA on all the SCM machinery, offering all these technologies a single environment for use and a common graphic guise, making the operator’s work notably easier, reducing the risk of error and increasing productivity. A one-stop partner for surface technologies SCM has always placed importance on surface treatment and was the first to believe in the value of having Superfici technologies in its range for finishing, placing them alongside other solutions for finishing, sanding and coating, and enhancing this process stage. SCM offers its clientele specific laboratories for this sector like the Superfici Technology Center in Villasanta (Monza), the Superfici Tech Lab in Villa Verucchio (Rimini) as well as other finishing laboratories in foreign branches. On the strength of its vast and consolidated know-how, the Italian company will present its wide range of technologies for sanding, pressing and finishing at LIGNA, distinguishing itself as a unique partner in the entire surface treatment process: a complete range of products and services as well as exclusive, sought-after finishing solutions, to meet all the process and end product type requirements. The innovative dmc system operating units which have transformed the concept of the sanding machine into a flexible abrasive modular machine, the Superfici spray painting systems and robot equipped glue application and the sergiani 3d form membrane presses, that allow for uneven surfaces The vast SCM range, unique at international level in meeting the needs of the entire sector - from craftsmen to large industries - will present important new entries for models, devices, optionals and software, for every form of technology dedicated to secondary wood processing. Whether they are integrated into the ”Smart&Human Factory” automated process or in stand alone mode, the aim is always to meet the most varied demands of a custom and integrated production of a specific company without forgoing the advantages of industrial production. Solid wood sees the arrival of hypsos, the anticipated 5 axes machining centre with integrated cabin, designed for interior decorators and the three-dimensional processing of elements with a complex shape or large dimensions. The accord 42 fx machining centre with dual operator unit combined with 3 and 5 axes, ideal for the production of windows, doors and stairs, is also being demonstrated. Of particular interest to solid wood chair, table, furnishing and object manufacturers is the balestrini power machining centre which will be showcased with a complete makeover that makes set-up and use easier, with more powerful electrospindles and a further reinforced structure to guarantee high performance, reliability and safety. 30 No. 2 • May 2019

The Salvamac #NewVision is Coming Solid, Simple, Safe Hall 27 | Stand K09 “We will be in LIGNA 2019 to confirm our choices, to show our machines, to communicate our ideas and to meet our partners as we did in the past and as we’ll do in the future.“ With these words, Christian Salvador commented on the participation of Salvamac at LIGNA. Ziemowit Dolkowski, co-founders of Salvamac, says: ”We produce quality machine, as in our history, but with a price that allows a greater number of companies to choose the technology road. The strategy is clear: to optimize the process and make use of every possible ”country advantage” to produce machines with the highest quality and affordable prices for the customer. This is reason to choose the ”Salvamac” brand: simple machines to use and with which it is easier to reduce costs and increase profits.” Cutting with 3 S: solid, simple, safe A coherent catalog focused on the Classic 40, 50 and 60 semi-automatic and manual cross-cutting saws, which require limited investment but are a decisive step towards a faster, safer and more efficient production. The Classic crosscutting saws are designed and manufactured to work also in hard conditions and with heavy wood. The structure is completely in varnished hard steel, high thickness and really strong with the two-handed safety control in ergonomic position and the blade protection cover that allows to work with absolute safety. The easiness of using is increased by the successful new device Salvastop 100 at the first time in LIGNA, a real Premiere! .SalvaStop 100 is the evolution of the numerically controlled length stop and pushing positioning system. It is the real solution to save (Salva in Italian) the labor costs, productivity waste and measuring human errors and to forget and stop finally to use the tape meter. A system that electronically manages the stopping and positioning of the boards or profiles to be cut, regardless of the material, with high speed and absolute precision, thanks to a state-of-theart brushless electronic motor. Ziemowit Dolkowski continues ”We worked a lot to create the Exclusive Software, very easy to use thanks to immediately understandable and effective graphics, complete, powerful and flexible. It is complete with 5 different sections and 2 different modes. ”STOP” or ”PUSH”. And using a 7”s-PAD touch color screen, in a very good position for reading and programming, not forgetting the Software of tele-service via internet included and installed.” ”Salvastop” can be installed on the ”Classic 40”, ”Classic 50” and ”Classic 60” models, transforming substantially ”entry level” models into real semi-automatic cutting centers, made even more interesting by the possibility of interfacing them with the management software already available at the company. Not only cutting: air & painting Due to Salvamac‘s entry into a reality present in the market for over thirty years, being always directed towards high quality products, We are already conquering positions on various markets, with an offer that - staying true to the Salvamac C philosophy - ranges from the painting booths, M equipped with innovative sandwich panels to provide increased strength and devices that greatly reduce consumption, to the ”do it clean” san- Y CM ding benches. In addition to the ”Painting” division, which includes perfect solutions for compa- MY nies of different sizes and needs, we can offer ultra CY robust and efficient portable vacuum cleaners, bag CMY or cartridge filters, as well as complete customized systems. This is the mission of the ”Air” divi- K sion, all with the clear intention of making use of the great potential of the Internet with more traditional sales and service systems, always focusing on what the customer really needs. As in the past, the choice for this edition is to showcase to customers and partners the most recent versions and the new filter Compact Super and Grande. The dust unit is complete of zinc closed panels in the upper side, fixed with bolts, access door to the filtering sleeves, electric panel with wired cables and two timers (after about two minutes from the stop of the fan the cleaning system starts working for 10-15 seconds), fan complete of junction piping fan-dust unit and aspiration cone. WIN_2019.pdf 24 15.02.2019 13:55:48 Less energy, more power! Energy-efficient filtration plants for the woodworking industry. MultiStar filtration plant Made by Höcker Polytechnik ▪ filtration ▪ dedusting ▪ briquetting ▪ recycling ▪ varnishing Höcker Polytechnik GmbH Borgloher Str. 1 ▪ 49176 Hilter a.T.W. Germany ▪ Mail Fon +49 5409 405 0 No. 2 • May 2019 31

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