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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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ZKZ 62005 · ISSN

ZKZ 62005 · ISSN 1438-1672 · Vol. 36 · No. 1/18 · February FAIRS DESIgN & TRENDS COMPANIES SURFACE WINDOWS BE A NER! Annual subscription rate: € 77,- incl p+h The new WIN woodworking INTERNATIONAL In 2018 we re-launched WIN woodworking INTERNATIONAL, the only general international magazine for experts in the entire woodworking industry. The magazine will be published in a larger format: 229 mm x 305 mm. We will report on board materials, furniture, flooring, windows etc. Special features will be presented on design, surfaces, laminating and tools. Advertising contact: S P E C I A L F E A T U R E S

EDITORIAL Be inspired ... Eric Schäfer Editor ... by a visit to the future. We are talking about the future of woodworking and wood processing, which will be on display at LIGNA 2019. This issue of WiN provides you with detailed information on LIGNA in good time for the start of the fair. Use it as a guide for your tour of the fair or - if you don't make it to Hanover in person - as a first orientation on important innovations that manufacturers will be presenting at the world's lea-ding trade fair for tools, machines and plants for woodworking and wood processing. This time, a lot will revolve around digitization and automation, which will find its way into the trade business. Complete robot saws, assistance systems or partially automated handling solutions will not displace the traditional trade, but will change its method of work. New challenges have to be mastered, which at the same time bring with them new opportunities. A tour of LIGNA offers the best opportunity to take a look around and be inspired by the innovations presented there to come up with new ideas for dealing with the organic material wood. Inspiration and trends will also be on the agenda at interzum in Cologne. The world's leading trade fair for furniture manufacturing will show future-oriented applications of digital printing as well as innovative surface materials with which design and design possibilities can be expanded. But first let yourself be inspired by this edition of WiN. Sincerely, Eric Schäfer

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