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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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LIGNA Hall 27 | Stand

LIGNA Hall 27 | Stand F46 SPÄNEX Presentation: Dust Extractors, Compact Filters and a Powerful Compact Briquetting Press SPÄNEX, the specialist for extraction and briquetting systems, will again present its innovations and product improvements in the fields of extraction, conveying, filtration, dedusting, briquetting, paint mist extraction, controlling and shredding in the immediate vicinity of the WEINIG Group in hall 27, stand F 46. A highlight of the trade fair presentation will be the extracting and filter systems connected to the woodworking machines exhibited and demonstrated by the WEINIG Group. The required extraction volume flow of 87,000 m³/h is handled by two filter systems and two dust extractors. The two compact filters and the dust extractors are fitted with efficiency-optimised and speed-controlled radial fans. Depending on the number of demonstrated machines, only the required volume flow is provided by the speed control, i.e. the extraction performance is automatically adapted to the respective requirement. This energy-saving operating mode can be demonstrated to the customer in live operation. The dust extractors and the two compact filters are convincing due to their particularly quiet operation, which is basically caused by the effective sound insulation of the fan cells. Powerful briquetting presses are placed under one of the two compact filters and under the two dust extractors which are automatically started depending on the accumulation of chips. This allows customers to get an idea of how the machines work even during live operation. Also on display will be a more powerful compact briquetting press of the series producing cylindrical briquettes. This type can be placed either under a dust extractor or under a filter system. The chips are conveyed from the feeding container via the drop shaft into the conveyor screw, which feeds the material into the pressing chamber in dispensed quantities. The dosage depends on the material properties. As a novelty a dust extractor is shown especially for the extraction of handicraft machines and manual work stations, which is characterised by a particularly high suction pressure of up to 10,000 Pa, which is available for overcoming the pressure requirement of the connected handicraft machines and the piping system. The use of energy-saving IE 3 class motors combined with a frequency converter is standard. Further advantages of this device series are: Dry spray walls. • compactness, • the low noise emission, • the complete control system, • the user-friendliness and • the extensive range of accessories. A further topic complex of this fair are paint mist extraction systems, which were increasingly in demand in recent years. SPÄNEX’s extensive product range (dry spray walls, underfloor extraction systems, extraction tables, sanding stands and sanding booths) enables ideal adaptation to individual customer requirements. Practical examples will be used to illustrate the possible solutions, focusing on energy efficiency, heat recovery and control technology of the systems. A model of a suction duct of an underfloor extraction system will be exhibited for illustration purposes. Medium pressure dust extractor. 28 No. 2 • May 2019

Tool Sharpening with Industry 4.0 “Shaping Success Together“ Hall 27 | Stand B60 At LIGNA 2019 VOLLMER showcases efficient complete solutions for sharpening circular saws and rotary tools for the wood industry at Stand B60 in Hall 27. The focus is on the new digital initiative V@dison from VOLLMER, with which the machine builder integrates its grinding and erosion machines in an IoT environment (Internet of Things) in order to support tool manufacturers with the implementation of Industry 4.0 projects. For this, VOLLMER developed the IoT gateway, which makes it possible to exchange data between sharpening machines and different IoT platforms. The IoT gateway is based on open source standards and its services are platform-independent in order to visualize and process data of VOLLMER machines and third-party providers. QXD 250: Faster machining of PCD tools Diamond-tipped tools - those that feature polycrystalline diamond (PCD) - are vitally important in the production of wood and composite materials. The QXD 250 disc erosion machine from VOLLMER is on show at LIGNA. The CP 650 sharpening machine is suitable for machining the tooth faces and tooth tops of carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to 650 mm in diameter. Thanks to a modified generator and extended programme functions, it is more efficient and faster in the machining. With the pallet conveyor magazines HC 5 and HC 11, the machine can be extended by up to 28 or 64 workpiece places. With the QXD 250 VOLLMER also worked on process optimisation: The company now offers a new performance package consisting of software and hardware, with which the machine performance can be improved significantly in terms of efficiency. This is achieved with seamless interaction of generator technology, process parameters, gap analysis, as well as drive technology. The performance package is one of the first products of the new digital initiative V@dison from VOLLMER. VGrind 360: Manufacturing tools in large quantities The VGrind 360 grinding machine is also on board in Hanover. It is ideal for machining carbide tools such as drills and milling cutters, which are also used in timber construction and furniture making. Thanks to two vertically positioned spindles, the VGrind 360 machines and finishes rotary tools in large quantities quickly and precisely. With the VGrind 360, VOLLMER provides tool manufacturers with a solution for rotary workpieces of varying geometries. CP and CHX: Sharpening circular saws for woodcarving The CP 650 sharpening machine is one of the other technology highlights. It is suitable for sharpening tooth faces and tooth tops on carbidetipped circular saw blades between 80 and 650 millimetres in diameter. What’s more, VOLLMER will be available to provide information about the new CHX 840 and the CHF 270 which can be used for sharpening services or in filing rooms at sawmills. No. 2 • May 2019 29

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