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WiN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2019/2

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LIGNA Store Building

LIGNA Store Building Materials and Equipment Effectively Flexible Storage Capacities for Long Goods, Pallets and Lattice Boxes Open-air site (FG) Stand M65 The warehouse is essentially equipped with 16 * 3.5-metre-high and 8.45-metre-long pallet racks. Each pair of beams holds 3 euro pallets or lattice boxes weighing up to 1,000 kilograms each. Additional storage space in the building offers 7 * 3.64-metre-high, single sided cantilever racks. Some of them have arm bridges and gratings, so that in addition to long goods The Swiss construction company Gottlieb Müller has equipped its new warehouse for building materials, equipment and tools with cantilever and pallet racks from OHRA. A total of 16 pallet racks in the new warehouse provide space for pallets and lattice boxes, while cantilever racks both indoors and outdoors, some fitted with arm bridges and metal gratings, allow a flexible and mixed storage of long goods, pallets, lattice boxes and items without specialist loading equipment. The new warehouse not only supplies Gottlieb Müller AG, but also three other subsidiaries. The newly created high storage capacities, concentrated at one location, enable shorter routes and more streamlined logistics processes. such as pipes or plates, load carriers of various dimensions can be stored without hampering supports. Further cantilever racks were set up outdoors; They are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanising. This is dominated by a 43.5-metre-long row of racks, whose uppermost cantilever arms are designed as roof arms: On each side they support a 2.7-metre-deep, slightly inclined roof. Thus, the stored wood building materials are protected from the direct influence of precipitation. The cantilever arms of all the racks have a load capacity of 1,200 kilograms per arm. Hall 27 | Stand D20 DALSO, True Innovation is Automation Movement is the Pulse of Any Business Thirty years of experience and success cannot only be built on single solutions and produced automation. More is needed for a business to reach it goals, set its vision, consolidate relations, develop new ideas, constantly and attentively listen to its partners, promote its resources, having the world as its own, continuous reference. The woodworking and wood by-product sector offers continuously lower profits and, at the same time, forces companies to be increasingly more ”creative” which does not only mean different products, but also the ability to innovatively manage new ideas, relations, aware that technology is not only steel and components, motors and wires, but the expression of the passions, skills and efforts of the people that conceive, design, build, market and use them. This is why Dalso continuously grows and improves in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, in the heart of one of the most important industrial districts in Veneto, in north east Italy. Dalso thus crossed the 10,000,000 Euro milestone of automations and systems produced in 2019 with over 30 associates and foreign sales that boasts two thirds of the total. These results were achieved thanks to a dedicated team and translate into a product range that varies according to the single customer requirements. Strong business principles focused on total quality based on ISO 9001 standards and Lean Production systems accompany our experience and team. This extremely favorable moment will be celebrated at LIGNA 2019 with a brand-new stand introducing a complete automation line that accentuates the possibility of creating any custom solution. Thus, a complete line of conveyors, loaders and unloaders will be on display with a robot equipped to manage lot 1. The part will be picked by a large sized robot that quickly loads it directly on a chain buffer. From here, the part will be selected and directly fed on an operating machine by a special feed system. At output, this processed part will be automatically unloaded and repositioned for subsequent operations directly by the same starting robot. A technique, the Dalso automation one, applied to many sectors, from window and door frames to panelling, from plywood to wood flooring to solid wood furnishings. Special development in the world of finishings and profiles without, however, neglecting the final saw mill phases in the selection of wood with optical viewing systems. Different worlds, with often extremely different needs: from a small shop that process a few thousand wooden profiles a month to a large industry that processes the same quantity in just one hour, with maximum flexibility and full integration in a complex production line. 18 No. 2 • May 2019

euroTECH Presents an Expanded Product Range A Knowledgeable Handling Partner Hall 16 | Stand E14 At LIGNA, euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH will be presenting its innovative vacuum handling solutions for a wide range of wood processing applications. It will also provide its visitors insights into its Plant engineering segment. Besides its extensive range of vacuum components, eT-Grippers and handling devices, the trade fair presentation will focus on comprehensive loading and picking solutions. Visitors to booth E14 in hall 16 will get to find out about customised solutions and their implementation, from Design to on-site installation. The eT-Gripper suction boxes with a light-metal profile are available in different widths, lengths and hole patterns, depending on the required application. ”Complete solutions from a single source” - with this motto euroTECH Vertriebs GmbH presents itself as the systems supplier for the Plant engineering industry. The company works closely with its customers to develop effective handling solutions for mechanical engineering specialists, from simple vacuum lifting frames to full-fledged loading and picking systems. It carries out all Design and production implementations itself. euroTECH will be presenting its 180-degree turner, eT-Hover-loop, from the eT-Hover range of lifting devices: a genuine innovation in panel handling. The eT-Hover-loop is used to turn flat, vacuum-sealed loads of different materials with a weight of up to 500 kg by 180 degrees. Its fields of application include CNC processing centres in small enterprises that cannot afford automatic loading systems. Visitors of the trade fair can look forward to new handling devices from the eT-Hover and eT-Lift product families. The Univac-line for work on windows and facades is the newest member of the eT-Hover range. Besides the Univac for construction sites, Eurotech will be presenting Modesty, a pneumatic lifting device for loads of up to 250 kg. The eT-Gripper vacuum suction boxes with their lightweight metal profile will also be displayed at the exhibition. They are suitable for frequently varying surfaces and formats and capable of handling smooth, rough-sawn, uneven and undulating structures equally well. Interested visitors can test the eT-Gripper with various materials at the Eurotech booth. A new, battery-powered, handheld suction cup completes the company’s portfolio of handling products and will also be available for testing. The eT-Lift tube lifter offers assistance whenever wooden plates, boxes, sacks, canisters or similar items need to be lifted, stacked or relocated quickly, easily and flexibly. The versatile lifting and positioning devices can be used for almost any application; they are easy to handle and equipped with an ergonomic one-hand control system. The graded carrying capacities range from 20 kg up to 250 kg. Its rapid switching system and a continually growing range of tools make the eT-Lift an allround handling tool. No. 2 • May 2019 19

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