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Wellness Foods + Supplements 3/2021

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Key features for foods

Key features for foods and beverages Photo © : Shutterstock/NatalyaBond Taste & texture, health, convenience: meeting the 3 driving forces in food and beverages In the growing global food and beverage market, new trends and lifestyle choices are constantly shaping what consumers look for in their products. In this article, we explore three key consumer desires and how manufacturers can tap into them in their own food and drinks offerings: taste & texture, health, and convenience. What are today’s consumers looking for? Across the world, people are thinking about what they eat now more than ever. For today’s busy, health-conscious, and demanding consumers, three key features are top of mind when it comes to making choices of food and drink: taste, health, and convenience. These important qualities have become key differentiating factors in consumer decision-making, and can greatly influence the impact of any particular product. Let’s look at each feature in more detail. Taste & texture When looking for food products, consumers want to enjoy striking sensorial experiences. At the top of the list are an appealing texture and delicious taste. In fact, a large proportion of consumers worldwide say that different textures offer a more interesting food or drink experience, while almost half look to flavor as a key purchasing factor. 1 It’s clear that offering products that taste and feel great is essential to standing out on the market. Health Across the world, the topics of health, well-being, and nutrition are growing in popularity thanks to global trends and increasing access to information. More and more people are making changes to their diet, looking to consume healthier food options. 2 More specifically, consumers are looking for food products that are: – Higher in protein – Lower in sugar – Lower in fat 3 The market has responded swiftly to this rise in awareness of health and well-being. Global ‘Better-for-you’ food and drink launches are rising with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7 %, with popular claims including gluten-free, no additives, and low/reduced/ no sugar. 4 Convenience With the hustle and bustle of modern life leading to busier and busier lifestyles, a food or drink product’s convenience has become more significant. Generally, we can see that food and drink usage has become more flexible. For example, on-the-go food products have become more popular, with an 11 % rise in products launched with this claim between 2015 and 2019. 5 Similarly, with more consumers missing the occasional mealtime due to busy work schedules, full 36 No. 3 November/December 2021

Key features for foods and beverages meal replacers are on the rise too: this market was valued at USD 17.1 billion in 2019, with an estimated CAGR of 6.5 % between 2019 and 2025. 6 The takeout: added value is key These three buying factors are likely to become more important to consumers in the years ahead. For manufacturers, this means consumers are influenced heavily by food and drink products with ‘added value’: beyond just taste or health benefits alone, consumers want products that offer higher value across the board. They want food and drink solutions that will fit neatly into their lives and fitness routines, while also offering an exciting sensory experience. How can manufacturers meet this challenge? For manufacturers, it can be a challenge to create food and drink products that meet these demands. For example, within the convenience segment, consumers are often looking for products that are tailored to fit their own unique needs and slot into their personal lifestyles: instead of just a healthy, tasty drink product, they want a healthy, tasty sports nutrition drink that can be enjoyed at the gym, for example. To keep up with developing trends like these, manufacturers need to launch new products that meet the consumer demand for convenient, healthy, and tasty products that are increasingly tailored to their own specific circumstances. There are different challenges to creating healthy foods solutions. On the one hand, removing ingredients to reduce the fat or sugar content for reformulated food means you need to replace them adequately, or the taste and texture can be compromised. On the other hand, adding ingredients for nutritional value, such as fortified or functional food items, can also affect the taste or texture of your product. And these are just a few of the challenges and issues involved in formulation and production. Unlocking application potential One way of overcoming these challenges is to work with versatile and innovative ingredients that can help create formulations that meet the needs of today’s demanding consumer. A strong example of how this can work is ProTake, Rousselot’s portfolio of hydrolyzed collagen ingredients. Manufacturers applying ProTake are creating exciting innovative food and drink applications – and with surprising ease. Thanks to its unique formulation advantages, ProTake supports manufacturers’ pursuit of healthier, tastier, and more convenient new food and drink products for today’s market, including protein bars, powder blends, soups, reformulated snacks, and more. Improving texture in high-protein drinks and powders For high-protein flavor blends, ready-to-drinks (RTDs), and premixes, texture can often be difficult to manage. Potential problems include lumping and caking, and the viscosity can often lead to an unacceptable final product. ProTake can help manufacturers to formulate the desired viscosity, smooth texture, and taste profile, as well as reducing lumping. This is due to its high solubility, even at high concentrations. ProTake is compatible with other powders and heat-stable, so it can be used in a wide range of innovative powder products. Baked goods and other foods ProTake gives manufacturers a simple way to reduce fat and sugar content. For example, in a recipe for brownies, ProTake gives manufacturers the option of lowering fat and sugar content by 55 % and 16 % respectively, while drastically increasing protein levels by 228 % LAÏTA NUTRITION, EXPERT IN FORMULATION,INNOVATES ON THE PLANT-BASED MARKET OUR KNOW-HOW IN PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS : STRONG TECHNOLOGICAL EXPERTISE COMPLEX NUTRITIONAL FORMULAS MASTERING SPECIFIC PROCESSES, TRACEABILITY AND FOOD SAFETY CLINICAL INFANT SPORT No. 3 November/December 2021 37

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