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Wellness Foods + Supplements 3/2021

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Botanical extracts Photo © : Pixabay/Nat Aggiato Botanical extracts for healthy ageing An increasingly ageing global population can be attributed, in part, to health-conscious consumers playing closer attention to good nutritional habits. When it comes to healthy eating, the Mediterranean diet has a very strong evidence-based reputation, with edible plants that grow in the region playing a key role. Wellness Foods & Supplements talks to Andrea Zangara, Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing at Euromed, about plant extracts and their supportive effects in healthy ageing. Euromed has in its portfolio a range of highly pure and effective natural concentrates from Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, and this has recently been expanded with the addition of a new extract. The Mediterranean diet serves as inspiration for your wide range of botanical extracts. Why is this? With a global population living longer and longer, preventive approaches are crucial. That's why we developed Mediteanox, Pomanox and Cynamed natural extracts, inspired by the documented health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Advancing age is a major risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disease, due to a combination of increased blood pressure, inflammation, reduced antioxidant capacity and dyslipidemia. However, disturbed gut flora is also an important contributory factor in premature ageing. Research has shown that the Mediterranean dietary pattern is able to counteract these problems, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. What benefits do Euromed’s natural extracts offer for healthy ageing, and what is the supporting evidence? We have several applications that support healthy ageing. Mediteanox ® , for example, is a natural olive concentrate containing hydroxytyrosol (HT), which has been shown to have heart-friendly properties recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) (1). With its high hydroxytyrosol content, Mediteanox ® has been clinically shown to reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol, support a healthy cardiovascular system and help control blood pressure. In-house and published human studies with Mediteanox ® indicate modulation of oxidative and inflammatory markers (2, 3). It offers the documented cardiovascular benefits of olive oil in a convenient and concentrated dosage form. And this is where another patented extract from Euromed comes in, also inspired by the Mediterranean diet. Pomanox ® is a full-spectrum polyphenol pomegranate extract standardised to naturally high levels of punicalagins, with clinically proven benefits for healthy ageing. Its phenolic profile is comparable to that of whole fruit or pure fruit juice, but without the calories. Several human studies have documented the efficacy of Pomanox ® (as an extract and extract-enriched juice) in consistently lowering blood pressure, suggesting that it may also support cardiovascular health. A preclinical study with Pomanox ® by the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences clearly demonstrated that pomegranate polyphenol metabolites increase the synthesis of endothelial nitric oxide synthase, which promotes the restoration of endothelial vasodilation, preventing and delaying endothelial dysfunction caused by general inflammation and arterial stiffness. (4) This water-soluble extract is ideal for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It comes from carefully controlled cultivations in Spain and is extracted using proprietary Pure-Hydro Process technology, which uses osmotised water as the sole extraction solvent. 22 No. 3 November/December 2021

Botanical extracts In addition, supplementation with Pomanox ® and Mediteanox ® may act synergistically to improve endothelial function, promote healthy blood lipid levels and reduce oxidation of LDL cholesterol (5). Other evidence-based health benefits of Pomanox ® from published and unpublished studies include improved athletic performance and recovery, reduced hair loss, better cognition and mood, as well as increased beneficial intestinal flora. Speaking of intestinal health – research shows that the gut also plays a major role in improved wellbeing. Are there other products in your range that support a healthy gut? Yes, definitely. With Cynamed we offer an extract of artichokes. It combines the traditional digestive and antioxidant properties of its phenolic compounds – caffeoylquinic acids – with inulin, a prebiotic soluble fibre. Artichokes are also part of the Mediterranean diet and help promote bacteria known to produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids through the fermentation of dietary fibre. The lower the diversity of the intestinal flora, the more pronounced the frailty in the elderly. Overall, there is a clear relationship between diet, gut microbiota and health status. Gastrointestinal complaints, food intolerances, dental problems, loss of taste, smell and appetite in the elderly are associated with nutritional deficiencies that further exacerbate malnutrition and frailty. Adopting the Mediterranean diet for one year can positively alter the microbiome of the elderly and reduce the release of inflammatory cytokines that are harmful to cognitive and other functions, promoting healthier ageing (6). With Cynamed, we offer a novel, holistic approach to overall digestive wellness and healthy ageing. a secondary plant substance with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are typical of a Mediterranean-style diet. A recently published clinical study of the University of Murcia, Spain, compared the eriocitrin-rich Wellemon extract with a hesperidin-rich orange extract. Our lemon extract yielded more bioavailable metabolites than hesperidin, which get into the blood stream more quickly and may therefore provide more effective health benefits (7). How do you procure raw materials to ensure a traceable supply chain from seed to finished extract, bearing in mind that adulteration is a key challenge of the industry? With the increasing demand for herbal medicines and dietary supplements, we are witnessing frequent reporting of undeclared ingredients added to herbal substances, extracts and finished products. Our clear commitment is to prevent product adulteration. That's why we only use botanicals that are verified, sustainably and properly grown, and harvested to preserve the integrity of the plants and bioactive profiles. For example, the olives for Mediteanox and the pomegranates for Pomanox are harvested and processed in the agriculturally rich region in Murcia known as the “Garden of Europe”, which provides easy access to botanical-origin raw materials, supports local agriculture and reduces the carbon footprint. Each production batch, from herb to finished extract, undergoes multiple laboratory tests for identity, potency and potential impurities to ensure the highest standards. From botanical macro- and micro-identification to control of active ingredients and potential impurities, to chromatographic analysis, we comprehensively test botanical raw materials. Our PhytoProof ® seal allows brand owners to highlight the reliable origin and quality of botanical raw materials on their finished products. It confirms that Euromed ingredients are unadulterated and contain no unwanted impurities. References 1) Off. J. Eur. Union 2012, 13, 22. 2) Ramirez-Tortosa C, et al. Antioxidants 2019, 8 (9), 393. 3) Di Renzo L, et al. Biomedicine & Prevention (2017) - vol. 1 - (92). 4) Vilahur G, et al. Rev Esp Cardiol (Engl Ed). (2015) 68(3):216-25. Health and Beyond Ed. Dilip Ghosh (2020); Academic Press, Elsevier. ISBN: 9780128205938. 5) Quirós-Fernández R, et al. Nutrients (2019), 11, 640. 6) Ghosh TS, et al. Gut 2020;0:1–11. 7) Avila-Galvez M. et al. (2021): New Insights into the Metabolism of the Flavanones Eriocitrin and Hesperidin: A Comparative Human Pharmacokinetic Study. University of Murcia Photo © : Pixabay/Jacqueline Macou Do you offer any new botanicals with promising market potential? Absolutely, we are constantly working on new solutions and have recently launched another promising product. Wellemon is the new lemon-based, botanical ingredient in our range of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables extracts. Lemons are a rich source of eriocitrin – For more information, please contact Andrea Zangara Head of Scientific Communications & Marketing, Euromed S.A. No. 3 November/December 2021 23

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