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Wellness Foods + Supplements 1/2022

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Ceramides for skin

Ceramides for skin health Opportunities to be leveraged in the Beauty-from-Within space A recent report from research firm Mordor Intelligence states that the global nutricosmetics market is estimated to register a CAGR of 8.05 % from 2021 to 2026 4 . The main factors driving the market are the rising consumer awareness regarding their skin problems, such as anti-ageing, wrinkles, hair loss, scalp problems, etc. These concerns are more and more associated with poor nutrition, making food supplements a go-to preventive beauty management practice. The preventive, holistic, and eco-conscious approach is delivering escalated growth of the skincare-from-within spacet, with offers that are based on clinically studied active ingredients. It is possible to deliver supplemental ceramides orally that provides the metabolites that are transported through the bloodstream to enable the skin to restore the ceramides levels in the stratum corneum. Ingestible ceramides to repair and strengthen the skin barrier Photo © : iStock/SrdjanPav Increasing usage of ceramides in cosmetics products provides now consistent evidence and awareness on topical ceramides efficiency in skin hydration and anti-ageing solutions. For the past decades, a strong scientific focus was observed to study ingestible ceramides, with evidence demonstrating that the oral use of ceramides is also highly effective at working to strengthen the skin barrier from within. A clinical trial on Ceramosides TM , a proprietary extract from Seppic that contains natural ceramides from wheat, reported significant improvement in skin moisturization by 16 %, skin elasticity by 18 % and skin wrinkles by 9 % compared to placebo in just 15 days 2 . Such a quick action is possible thanks to the composition of the ingredient in digalactosyl diglycerides (DGDG) combined with the presence of ceramides. Indeed, DGDG are natural emulsifiers shown to boost ceramides bioavailability and absorption, making ceramides building blocks available in the epidermis only 24 h after ingestion 3 . Ceramosides TM efficacy was also validated by the volunteers participating in the study, with 75 % of subjects noticing less pulling sensations In Europe, the demand for natural ingredients, influenced by the cosmetics industry, is visibly increasing and shaping the nutricosmetics offer. When sourcing ceramides, a close attention is to be paid on ingredients’ origin, quality and traceability to be able to answer the consumers’ expectations. Phytoceramides are plant-based ceramides, found naturally in plants and grains, answering the consumer requirements for clean-label, non-GMO, organic and vegan solutions. A solution adapted to the needs of modern consumers The strong science behind oral supplementation with phytoceramides opens the door for new opportunities in skin beauty. Ceramosides is a perfectly adapted solution for modern consumers that are looking for new ways to address anti-ageing with demonstrated efficacy and quick action. Ceramosides offers full body coverage with results that can be perceived by the consumers, as it acts rapidly on the visible layer of the skin. Ceramosides is a natural oil, suitable with soft gel capsules and other innovative galenics such as shots and beverages thanks to its low dose that makes it suitable 24 No. 1 April/May 2022

Ceramides for skin health with stable emulsions. A hydrosoluble powder, obtained from the oil, also makes it suitable for a wide range of applications other than tablets and capsules. It can be easily incorporated in trendy dosage forms such as drinks, gummies, powder sticks or chocolate bites. Ceramosides also helps manufacturers to address the growing need for clean label ingredients. Free from additives and preservatives, Ceramosides is “100 % made in France”, from wheat sourced and processed in France. It has been granted a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status by an external expert panel and is fully suitable for vegan formulations. It is also available as organic certified offering an ideal solution for clean beauty products and answering the growing demand for organic certified supplements. 8 consumers in 10 satisfied by the improvement on their stress and sleep With the increasing demand for nutricosmetics and anti-ageing ingestible solutions, phytoceramides from wheat represent a natural and effective solution backed by strong science. With Ceramosides TM , Seppic intends to provide a powerful solution for innovative and attractive anti-ageing and moisturizing products. Scientific research will continue to demonstrate the potential of ceramides to promote healthy aging from within, enabling brands to develop appealing and tasty solutions to this fast-moving market. References 1 Jonca N. 2019. Ceramides metabolism and impaired epidermal barrier in cutaneous diseases and skin aging: focus on the role of the enzyme PNPLA1 in the synthesis of v-O-acylceramides and its pathophysiological involvement in some forms of congenital ichthyoses. OCL 26: 17. 2 Bizot, V. et al. Improving Skin Hydration and Age-related Symptoms by Oral Administration of Wheat Glucosylceramides and Digalactosyl Diglycerides: A Human Clinical Study. Cosmetics 2017, 4, 37. 3 Ueda O, Hasegawa M, Kitamura S. Distribution in Skin of Ceramide after Oral Administration to Rats. Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics. 2009;24(2):180- 4 For more information, please contact Lea Marchal, food engineer Active Ingredients Product Manager - Nutrition Activity SEPPIC - Air Liquide Healthcare Specialty Ingredients, France STRESS MANAGEMENT UNIQUE & NATURAL CLINICALLY PROVEN REGULATORY APPROVED Lactium® is a brand of Ingredia No. 1 April/May 2022 25

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