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petfood pro 1/2023

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PetFood PRO is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the manufacture of food for domestic animals – the pet food industry. The magazine focuses on food and delicacies for dogs, cats and other small animals, ornamental birds and fish, as well as animals kept in terrariums. We publish feature articles, reports and announcements about new ingredients, technology, equipment and processes, packaging machinery and materials as well as marketing trends and developments. Readers are executives, product developers and specialists in the pet food industry, including process and packaging engineers. PetFood PRO will be published in English. Circulation is worldwide, with an emphasis on important growth markets.

petfood pro

International Magazine March 2023 ISSN 2628-5851 Technology & Marketing 1/23 The smallest things make a big difference Industrial weighing and inspection technologies even pets can trust Ingredients: Natural Water Binder, Hydrolyzed Yeast, Antioxidants, Probiotics Processing: Weighing and Inspection, Gentle Drying, Automation, Line Efficiency Packaging: Turn-Key Solutions, Labelling Challenges, Simply Unique Marketing: Milk for Dogs, Zoomark, Interzoo 2024, Preview to interpack

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