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hp tooling 2020 #1

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The journal of hp tooling is an english, global publication on all aspects of high precision tools, accessories and their applications.

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news & facts companies CECIMO elects Hans-Martin Schneeberger as the new president During its meeting held December 5, 2019 in Brussels, the CECIMO General Assembly elected Dr. Hans-Martin Schneeberger as president of CECIMO for a period of two years. His term will focus on the setting of global standards and the uptake of artificial intelligence. Succeeding in this role Dr. Roland Feichtl, Dr. Hans- Martin Schneeberger has been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the European Association that represents more than a third of the world machine tool (MT) production. Dr. Schneeberger is a Swiss citizen born May 14, 1955. He has been serving as chairman of the board of directors of Schneeberger Holding AG since 2003. Between 1993 and 2018 he was CEO of the company and between 1988 and 1993 managing director and head of marketing and sales of Schneeberger AG. From 1985 - 1988 Dr. Schneeberger was account and project manager within a European-based management consulting firm. Since 2007 he has been mem ber on the board of Klingelnberg AG, while from 2008 - 2018 served as board member of Unitectra AG, being chairman of the board 2014 - 2018. Previously he chaired the board of Inspire AG. He was a member of the board of Swissmem and for many years a delegate to CECIMO, the European Machine Tool Builders Association Hans-Martin Schneeberger in Brussels. Dr. Schneeberger obtained a PhD from the Krannert business school (Purdue University, USA) in 1984 and was tenure track assistant professor at the Ross business school (University of Michigan, 1984 - 1985). Before he received a BSc in mechanical engineering in Switzerland. further information: New partnership with Ellison Technologies in the U.S. Heller Machine Tools are changing their business model in the North American market. For the first time ever, Heller has moved to both direct and distribution sales and service - providing their customers with a more local interface that can provide sales, engineering and customer support via their new distribution network and still maintain the existing direct key account business. Heller Machine Tools L.P. are pleased to announce a new distribution partnership with Ellison’s Advanced Technologies Business Unit in the U.S.; with specific repre sentation in the following states: Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The Ellison Company was founded by James O. Ellison in 1955, the company was based in Southern California to distribute machines tools and provide after sales service. After continued expansion and organic growth, Ellison reached 2012 a half billion USD in sales and became one of the most successful machine tool suppliers in the USA. 2015 the company celebrated its 60 th anniversary. Today Ellison Technologies is part of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. of Japan, which has allowed the company to increase its business foot print, as a provider of advanced machining solutions to the North American metal cutting manufacturers and their global affiliates. further information: 1 st International Conference on Programmable Materials Imagine the rotor of a wind turbine with a surface that, depending on the amount of wind, forms small dents or scales upon itself in order to control the energy yield and the mechanical stress for the entire system. The material acts proactively and responds to the external conditions in the manner in which it was programmed. This is the vision of programmable materials. In order to exploit the potential of programmable materials, both the internal structure of the material and its inherent material properties must be thought of as changeable variables. In order to achieve the desired outcome at the correct point in time when the product is in use, information processing has to take place directly within the material. This is a para - digm shift in product development that demands more than material competence. Engineering sciences, natural sciences and computer science must all work together in a new way. This is where the 1 st International Conference on Programmable Materials comes in. From April 27 - 29, 2020, experts from a wide range of disciplines will meet in Berlin to learn from each other and to advance the development, production and use of programmable materials. further information: 32 no. 1, 2020, March

companies news & facts New president of CemeCon Inc. Majorie Steed takes the lead from Gary Lake Change of leadership in the North American CemeCon branch: On August 1 st , Marjorie Steed succeeded Gary Lake, leading the business of CemeCon Inc. Her promotion is part of a planned transition. For 21 years CemeCon Inc. has been supplying North American tool manufacturers with premium coatings and coating technology. Over the years, the company has repeatedly expanded its capacity to meet increasing demand. In 2004, the subsidiary of CemeCon AG moved to its current headquarters, the IST Center in Big Flats, New York. For a long time CemeCon Inc. focused on PVD coatings; since September 2014, the company has also been using the world-leading diamond technology from CemeCon to coat cutting tools. With the latest expansion of the new North American headquarters to 3,700 m 2 in 2018, CemeCon Inc. increased the capacity of their diamond production and made room for the future-oriented HiPIMS coating technology. After 20 years of growth, CemeCon Inc. employs more than fifty people today. Marjorie Steed began her career at CemeCon 2006. In 2015, she was named to the Marjorie Steed, new President of CemeCon Inc. CemeCon Inc. board of directors and became vice president of operations. On August 1 st , she replaced Gary Lake as President of CemeCon Inc., who led the fortunes of the North American subsidiary of CemeCon AG for over twenty years. further information: Responding to downturn in metalworking industry Europe-wide reorganization measures LMT Tools continues to implement its strategic measures to improve competitiveness. Three transformation projects are driving the change. With this step, the company is also reacting to changed market conditions in the metalworking industry. In times of generally declining demand in the metalworking industry, LMT Tools is consistently pursuing its strategy, initiated in 2017, to improve competitiveness. The company is launching three restructuring programs in the areas of sales, pro duct management and production, which will be implemen ted by the end of the year. The focus is on increasing operational efficiency, which also addresses ex- cess capacities in Europe. The existing product portfolio remains unaffected by the measures. LMT Tools will create an agile, customer-centered organization within the sales region EMEA. The company strengthens its technical sales organization with local appli cation expert teams and creates efficient, highly customer-centered structures. Additionally LMT Tools advances the development of its product portfolio at the high-technology sites in Europe by focussing on growth areas. A global product management will be implemented. further information: Chris Yates elected new EMVA President The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) announced that Chris Yates is president of the EMVA effective from the 1 st January 2020. Chris succeeds Jochem Herrmann, who has been president since 2015 and now decided to step down for spending more time with his family. According to the association statutes, Chris's election was agreed by the board of directors of the EMVA during a board meeting in Berlin, where he was elected unanimously. Dr Chris Yates is the director of Advanced Technology within the Safety, Sensing, & Connectivity business of Rockwell Automation, having previously been the CEO and founder of Odos Imaging prior to the company's acquisition by Rockwell Automation during 2017. Chris holds a degree and Ph.D from Imperial College London, and has held a number of senior roles in early stage companies, con centrating on the effective translation of novel technology to products in the market. further information: Chris Yates no. 1, 2020, March 33

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