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food Marketing & Technology 3/2022

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Events non-profit initiative myclimate. Both business partners and consumers increasingly expect information from food manufacturers about the climate aspects of their products. The desire to act is also growing in the fishing industry itself. But: “Those responsible in small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are asking themselves what they can do in practical terms to protect the climate,” says Sabine Wedell, MESSE BREMEN project manager for fish international. That’s why she has given the topic a lot of space in the program of the industry get-together, which is unique in Germany, and has attracted renowned speakers for specialist presentations and discussions. Reducing the carbon footprint: adding value through co-products The benchmark for climate impact is the “carbon footprint” of a company or its product. “When evaluating a product, you have to look at the climate impact of its entire life cycle and thus take into account, above all, how much energy is consumed at which point,” says Prof. Norbert Reintjes, summarizing the principle. For the footprint of a fish fillet, for example, the fuel consumption of the fishing vessel must be taken into account, as well as the electricity required for processing and cooling the product, right through to transpor and the refrigerated counter at the point of sale. This overall picture is not easy to generate, knows the scientist, who teaches industrial ecology at the University of Technology: “Depending on the reference with which you compare products, the result can be highly different.” For example, when comparing fish species, “it can be relevant whether the reference point is the fresh weight, the weight of the fillets or the protein content.” The carbon footprint, created with the help of expert consultants, can lead to important course-setting in the company. “The CO 2 footprint can usually be reduced by optimizing the relevant energy consumption,” says Reintjes. But it could also be reduced by making better use of the raw material: “If you turn as many other parts of the fish as possible into products in addition to the fillet, the climate impact of fishing and processing is shared among these products.” Currently, Reintjes is pursuing such projects in Iceland. The “Ocean Cluster” there is a network of companies that use leftovers from fish processing for new products. One successful example is a company that has developed a medical product from fish skin for treating severe skin injuries. “After just a few years, sales are now already in the double-digit millions,” Reintjes reports. Consulting under the motto “do the best, offset the rest”. The myclimate team supports companies seeking advice in the complex task of determining their carbon footprint. Together with them, the climate protection professionals then develop ideas, concepts and measures to reduce the climatedamaging footprint. In addition, the non-profit institution offers companies educational programs for trainees, employees and, of course, the management of companies: “Knowledge is also the prerequisite for action in climate protection,” emphasizes Silvia Freeborn. True to the motto of myclimate “do the best, offset the rest”, CO 2 emissions should not be created in the first place, but avoided. However, since the most important thing for the climate is that global emissions decrease in total, unavoidable emissions can also be offset. For emissions that cannot be avoided or have not yet been reduced, myclimate also offers the possibility of offsetting in high-quality carbon offset projects. Classically, these are projects such as forest conservation projects or reforestation measures that ensure that a certain amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide is bound. “But these also include programs right here in Germany,” says Silvia Freeborn. For the fishing industry, the entry point to practical measures for climate protection is via the myclimate stand at fish international: “We are available as a contact throughout the trade fair,” Silvia Freeborn emphasizes. Sabine Wedell also knows that knowledge subsequently leads to action: “Together with myclimate, we are developing a climate concept for fish international and our other events.” The motivation here is the same that should drive the fishing industry: “It’s in our own interest and expected of participants and partners.” fmt 40 food Marketing & Technology • June 2022

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