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food Marketing & Technology 3/2022

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Ingredients Food ingredients and Smoking Technology inspires with unique “Natural Intelligence” J. Rettenmaier & Söhne, world leader in JRS plant fiber technology, presented a wide range of innovative applications and solutions for the modern meat industry at this year’s IFFA Frankfurt. The natural way to optimize product properties and processes in the areas of nutrition, texture and smoke flavor met with great interest from traditional meat enthusiasts as well as modern food designers! VITACEL® Dietary Fibers and VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients for the modern meat industry - JRS Food Ingredients As a leading manufacturer of plant-based hydrocolloids and dietary fibers, JRS FOOD INGREDIENTS set new impulses in the food industry and enables the successful transfer of consumer trends into innovative recipes. Depending on the task, the broad portfolio of VITACEL® Dietary Fibers and VIVAPUR® Functional Ingredients spans the spectrum from health aspects to functional benefits with precisely tailored texturizing solutions in meat and sausage products and their plantbased alternatives. No matter what trend you want to serve with your products - vegan, vegetarian, fiber-enriched or simply fat- and energy-reduced products to improve the Nutri-Score - JRS Food Ingredients offers customized solutions and technological support with in-house pilot plants. New smoking variety - Original RÄUCHERGOLD® smoking chips and friction logs “Safe, efficient and natural smoking with the new variety from the MASTER of SMOKE” was the key message for all RÄUCHERGOLD® fans and many international interested parties at the JRS booth. JRS has been setting standards in professional natural smoking technology for over 50 years. In addition to the established varieties of beech, oak and spruce, JRS now also carries cherry and alder in the RÄUCHERGOLD® Smoking Chips assortment. The large range of varieties, covering the spectrum of natural flavors from the strong oak note to the mild fruitiness of cherry, was noticed with much positive feedback, and possible applications for the production of specialties and the differentiation to standard products were discussed. JRS has succeeded in transferring the age-old tradition of natural smoking into the modern world of the professional food industry, whilst meeting the highest standards of food safety. The certified production - according to ISO and HACCP standards - qualifies only RÄUCHERGOLD® for use in the food industry. The result is perfect, absolutely reliable smoking and flavor results in modern, high-performance smoking systems. fmt 10 food Marketing & Technology • June 2022

Ingredients Natural Nitrite Alternative for Processed Meat Innovation providing multiple sensorial benefits unveiled at IFFA 2022 Givaudan has introduced NaNino+TM, a patent-pending synergistic combination of plant-based ingredients and natural flavourings that can be used as a nitrite replacement in processed meat. Expertly designed with our natural ingredients, it provides a lasting multi-sensorial food experience with great taste, colour and freshness. With the increased scrutiny around nitrites and growing consumer demand for healthier alternatives, processed meat manufacturers are looking for clean label solutions to naturally avoid the use of nitrites in their recipes. Aurélie d’Espalungue, Regional Product Manager Functional Ingredients, Europe, commented: “The launch of NaNino+TM at IFFA is well timed as many European regulators are questioning the use of nitrites in processed meat. NaNino+TM offers manufacturers the recognisable, clean labelling consumers have come to expect.” fmt R+K_AZ_2022_Food_Technology_137x187.qxp_Layout [1] Subject to the conformity of the rest of the 1 29.04.22 20:07 Seite 1 recipe Guillaume Gaborit, Global Product Manager for Sense Preservation at Givaudan said: “Because nitrites provide multiple benefits, replacing them is no easy task. Alternative solutions must provide the same level of performance without the associated risks. This is what sets NaNino+TM apart: it’s an integrated solution that not only ensures freshness throughout shelf life, but also delivers a cured-like multi-sensory experience in terms of taste and colour. This compelling combination provides high performance in the application itself and may allow for a “nitrite-free” claim on the label [1] .” NaNino+TM is a new addition to the company’s Sense Preservation portfolio of natural shelf life solutions and complements its existing clean label curing alternatives. Available initially in Europe for emulsified cooked sausages to start, expansion to other applications, such as cooked ham and bacon will follow. As regulations vary significantly from market to market, Givaudan has the capabilities to support customers by tailor-fitting NaNino+TM and other natural shelf life solutions to local regulations and consumer preferences. food Marketing & Technology Key No. 102794

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