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Food Marketing & Technology 1/2022

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Please find numerous articles, product news and interesting event reports relevant to the food industry in this latest issue. This trade magazine is published in English only.

Packaging PROCESS

Packaging PROCESS TECHNOLOGY&COMPONENTS © NETZSCH The cross-sectoral media platform for suppliers and users in two languages: German and English Exclusive information around the pump and compressor industry as well as systems and components Developments and trends First-hand future technology Targeted at international trade shows for 2021 Special issue for the Russian market in October 34 Dr. Harnisch Verlags GmbH · Eschenstr. 25 · 90441 Nuremberg · Tel.: +49 (0) 911 - 2018 0 food · Marketing & Technology · • February 2022

Packaging personalised packaging solutions for product protection during shipping, by rightsizing the packaging and making sure that it provides a seamless brand experience for consumers. This is the reason why we also provide consultancy for customers regarding packaging design. We not only create bottle designs but also labels or secondary packaging, etc. Sidel’s packaging experts are ready to support our customers in figuring out the best option that fits the company’s brand identity and responds best to consumer preference. How does Sidel react and help customers face this challenge? We fully understand the challenge, and that is why we have flexibility in mind. With Sidel’s EvoDECO labelling solutions, manufacturers can deliver different stock keeping units (SKUs). They might either include several labelling applications in one multi-technology machine or a single labelling application through dedicated equipment for optimized uptime, reduced footprint and low total cost of ownership (TCO). So manufacturers can use one machine for different labels? Exactly. It gives businesses the flexibility they need and allows them to produce most product types on a single machine. Thanks to the modular design and a variety of technologies, they allow companies to adapt multiple application methods in one compact machine. What is the most up-to-date Sidel labelling solution with high flexibility? The most flexible labelling solution to date from Sidel, the EvoDECO Multi, brings next-level modularity into labelling. It offers a standardized carousel that can be equipped with up to four different labelling technologies, including hot melt, roll-fed, selfadhesive and cold glue. Moreover, switching between various labelling modules is quick and easy thanks Laser engraved Glue Roller to Plug & Play connections, offering producers the freedom of labelling choice and total flexibility. Meanwhile, when being part of Sidel’s Super Combi settings, the labeller can run at up to 90,000 bottles per hour (bph). What are your observations on the impact of the pandemic on the labelling industry? During the pandemic, many people reduced their daily spending due to economic reasons. This has resulted in stagnating sales for certain premium products in the beverage sector, and manufacturers have been forced to reduce packaging costs. For instance, the second-tier beverage producers have shown significant interest in converting from shrink sleeves to BOPP labels to save cost. That is the reason why low-cost beverages have been popping up recently in the market. Lastly, would you share with us what milestones Sidel has achieved and Sidel’s next step in labelling? Since 1976, Sidel has continuously ensured and promoted the image of various brands. That is 45 years of experience. At its dedicated labelling plant in Mantua, Italy, the company is not only manufacturing labelling equipment, but also providing outstanding services to support its customers worldwide. Additionally, we are proud of the milestone we achieved in 2021 – installing the 5,000th labeller for Ting Hsin International Group (Ting Hsin) in China. We aim to play as an end-to-end partner in sustainable labelling, starting from offering packaging design to providing the proper equipment for advanced product manufacturing, including hightech solutions for product shelf-life security. fmt food Marketing & Technology • February 2022 35

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