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food Marketing & Technology 1/2021

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food Marketing & Technology is the international magazine for executives and specialists in the food industry.


SEPARATION THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR SUCCESS IN THE FOOD AND BEVERAGES INDUSTRY CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGIES, INNOVATIVE AUTOMATION SOLUTIONS AND PROVEN SERVICE - ALL FROM A SINGLE SOURCE A PARTNER WITH FULL-RANGE EXPERTISE Want to exceed your consumers’ demands by providing purer products, better taste and healthier ingredients? For applications in the production of starch, beverages and beer, vegetable oil, plant-based or animal protein, or for dairy and many more products? With more than 100 years’ experience in the food industry, serving everyone from multinationals to smaller family operations, we can promise you one thing: your goals come first. Like food and beverage manufacturers, ANDRITZ is also adjusting to consumers‘ demands for healthier, sustainable and natural products. So regardless of the requirements of your production operations, we most likely have everything you need for efficient and, at the same time, sustainable operations: the technology, the process knowledge, and also proven service and innovative automation solutions. ANDRITZ AG / Stattegger Str. 18 / 8045 Graz / Austria /

Know-how, competence and a comprehensive portfolio - all for your success! Need to maximize yield from your raw materials? Or improve the purity and the taste of your product? Whatever your specific need, our aim is to put all the right solutions at your fingertips to ensure the success of your operations. With one of the broadest portfolios and decades of experience in the food and beverages industry, ANDRITZ Separation has a full array of tools for optimizing both performance and quality. PROFIT FROM OUR PROCESS KNOW-HOW ANDRITZ Separation has obtained extensive knowledge on food and beverages production through multiple stand-alone and turnkey projects at different (multi-national) production plants. With an endless number of installations worldwide, ANDRITZ Separation has a proven track record of excellent results and very little downtime. With our current portfolio, we are able to respond to the demands for better taste, good organoleptic properties, hygiene and viscosity, as well as efficient manufacturing with low energy consumption. LET’S BE BRILLIANT. TOGETHER! Ever since our first food research and development test more than 100 years ago, we have been partnering with customers in the food and beverages industry to improve the success of their operations. Today, we offer a wide range of global, regional and mobile R&D test facilities to support our customers. From different feasibility studies and upscaling to industrial size, to confirmation of viability for new processes - all from a single source. ANDRITZ solutions for mechanical and thermal solid/liquid separation CENTRIFUGATION FILTRATION BATCH-TYPE DRYING CONTINUOUS DRYING Separators Horizontal peeler centrifuges Vertical peeler centrifuges Filter presses Helix dryers Fluid bed dryers/coolers Drum dryers Paddle dryers Decanters Pusher centrifuges Dynamic crossflow filters Drum filters Belt dryers Drum flakers Plate dryers ANDRITZ AG / Stattegger Str. 18 / 8045 Graz / Austria /

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