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drinkworld Technology + Marketing 3/2022

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drinkworld Technology + Marketing is the leading magazine for the entire drinks industry worldwide. Feature articles and short communications cover the whole spectrum of processing, bottling, raw materials, logistics, packaging and marketing of beverages. We also report on special topics of regional interest and the trends in the beverage industries worldwide. Readers are executives and decision-makers in the brewing, dairy and mineral water industries, manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks, wine growers and bottlers.

Events Photo: FAS

Events Photo: FAS Fuellanlagenservice GmbH these machines is solid construction, regular maintenance and adapting their usage to today’s conditions. FAS is a specialist for machines from Ortmann + Herbst as well as for all common bottle and can fillers, bottle cleaning machines and beverage mixing systems from other manufacturers. Highly qualified engineering experts assist with their optimization, expansion, retrofitting or relocation. Even if there are neither spare parts nor drawings for older machines, FAS can solve the problem. With the help of laser technology, parts are measured and the manufactured using additive processes (3D printing for stainless steal). FAS manufactures spare parts for all common beverage systems solutions of the future. Visitors to Sidel’s booth 339 (hall A6), will be guided through a unique experience. The stand showcases advanced systems and services, line engineering, and digital and eco-solutions, including aseptic production, sustainability, packaging optimisation and holistic turnkey solutions. An immersive experience, with advanced multimedia illustrating the latest packaging equipment and processes, the stand is designed to engage all the senses. Ko Hoepman, Executive Vice President – Portfolio, Innovation & Marketing at Sidel, said: “We will be renewing and building relationships and demonstrating the very best of our offer as a trusted, reliable partner. We are confident that our superior performance and technological expertise will help our customers meet the challenges of the future. Modern new plants for various filling technologies FAS also proves its competence with new machines by representing EUROSTAR filling systems in German-speaking countries: Wether water, beer, wine, soft drinks, or juice – all beverages up to a medium viscosity can be efficiently filled into glass and PET bottles or cans with EUROSTAR machines. Combi-systems for different products and changing production capacities from 1,000 to 24,000 bottles per hour offer medium-sized beverage manufacturers and contract bottlers maximum flexibility. "This cooperation fits very well with our previous orientation," says Oliver Jakobitz, Managing Director of FAS. "EUROSTAR builds small, fine filling systems that are of particular interest to companies in niche areas with lower volumes, a variety of products or different containers. And since we are also used to developing very individual solutions, we complement each other perfectly." Sidel Envisions the Future of Packaging at drinktec Sidel at drinktec, Munich, Hall A6, Stand 229 Sidel, a leading global provider of packaging solutions, is inviting customers to meet its experts at Munich’s drinktec to discuss industry challenges and discover the packaging Sidel will demonstrate its key expertise in: Digital evolution: Top-class digital solutions enabling customers to face challenges, and reach peak production performance without compromising operational costs, product quality or environmental impact. The Evo-ON® software suite offers powerful cloud computing and data analytic technologies. Sustainable transformation: Eco-friendly packaging alternatives, from 100% recycled PET (rPET) and lightweighted primary packaging with tethered caps, to optimised secondary and tertiary packaging alternatives. Aseptic: With 47 years’ experience in aseptic packaging equipment technology, Sidel will be premiering a new development. Complete line solutions: Sidel has expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of services in every related field including line concept, engineering, line control and automation, packaging technologies and equipment. 38

Events Functional Beverage Concepts with Natural Raw Materials Taiyo at drinktec, Munich, Hall A5, Stand 630 Taiyo, the expert in natural-based functional ingredients, will be showcasing exciting concepts at Drinktec, which all address beverage trends such as prebiotic and functional drinks. At the Taiyo booth in Munich, product developers and buyers looking for innovative ingredients with healthpromoting properties will find solutions that set new standards, including Moringa Extract S. This contains the glucosinolate glucomoringin (GMG); a so-called genetic switch that activates natural physiological mechanisms which help the body to produce more energy. The positive effects of GMG have been proven in numerous studies, including its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to protect against neurodegenerative diseases. A soft drink concept containing the dietary fiber Sunfiber® enables manufacturers to create beverages that have both a satiating effect and refreshing taste. These drinks can help with weight management because, according to one study, drinking a beverage enriched with the dietary fiber Sunfiber® increases the feeling of satiety. In the study, participants were found to eat 70-100 fewer calories at the next meal after consuming such a drink. The easily digestible, low-FODMAP fiber from the guar bean promotes the balance of beneficial microorganisms such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, improving the absorption of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, and reduces "bad" LDL cholesterol. Also noteworthy is CherryShield TM fruit powder from the Stevnsbaer cherry. The prebiotic effect of CherryShield TM is enhanced by the ISO-certified dietary fiber Sunfiber®. And as CherryShield TM premium and organic fruit powders do not contain maltodextrin, "no added sugar" and "rich in dietary fiber" claims are also possible. The colorless, odorless and tasteless non-viscous dietary fiber Sunfiber® performs technological functions that negate the need for additives. These fruit powders have excellent water solubility thanks to their porous, agglomerate structure, and are gluten-free, and certified non- GMO and More than just seeing over it! Clearly distinguish harmless drops of water from critical defects. And even see what is behind them. HEUFT reflexx A.I. makes real-time image processing smarter than ever. Up with the detection accuracy! Down with the false rejection rate! An end to the senseless waste of product and packaging! drinktec 2022 • Munich • 12 to 16 September • Stand B4.319/513 drinkworld Technology + Marketing HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH Am Wind 1 · 56659 Burgbrohl · Germany · · 39

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