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drinkworld Technology + Marketing 3/2022

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drinkworld Technology + Marketing is the leading magazine for the entire drinks industry worldwide. Feature articles and short communications cover the whole spectrum of processing, bottling, raw materials, logistics, packaging and marketing of beverages. We also report on special topics of regional interest and the trends in the beverage industries worldwide. Readers are executives and decision-makers in the brewing, dairy and mineral water industries, manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks, wine growers and bottlers.

Events sensitive

Events sensitive environments. Due to the smooth surface and the integrated, unventilated motor, the DuoDrive is very easy to clean. It ensures low cleaning effort and thus low cleaning costs as well as high system availability. For hygienically sensitive applications nsd tupH-treated components are largely resistant to acids and alkalis and can even withstand the use of high-pressure cleaners. nsd tupH treatment is available for most of the aluminum products in the NORD modular drive system, and ideally suited for hygienically sensitive applications in the food sector. Smart Image Processing HEUFT at drinktec, Munich, Hall B4, Stand 319/513 Digitalization, artificial intelligence and sustainability: these are the trend topics at drinktec from 12 to 16 September in Munich. Crystal clear that HEUFT SYSTEMTECHNIK GMBH will be showing the appropriate solutions. The highlights include the HEUFT reflexx A.I., a hardware and software developed inhouse for smart image processing which has now reached the next stage of development. More than just looking over it: For example water drops on the full bottle are not only filtered out by the AI for smart image processing in the filling and packaging process but it now also makes visible what is behind them. Together with superior optics and sensor technology as well as unique X-ray and digitizing applications, critical defects are detected more reliably and distinguished even more clearly from harmless deviations. This increases detection reliability, minimizes the false rejection rate, and thus puts a lasting end to the senseless waste of valuable products and packaging materials: Only what has to go out is rejected! Whether it is the all-surface empty bottle inspection, more detection and failure reliability with the unique pulsed X-ray for the detection of glass in glass in full containers with the HEUFT eXaminer II XOS or smart illumination, camera and image processing solutions for the gapless tethered cap and learningcapable label inspection: you will find what you are looking for at the HEUFT exhibition stand! The highlights include the HEUFT reflexx A.I, a hardware and software developed in-house which combines classic image processing with modern AI procedures for recognizing, classifying, teaching in and filtering out the most varied objects but also involves human expertise for their evaluation. This means that one is not helplessly at the mercy of the AI, but can also modify its quality judgment and modify it during the process. In addition, among many other things, pioneering labelling technologies, the latest solutions for end-to-end track & trace, and innovative sorting and rejection systems will be presented – and real visions of the future that will redefine the state of the art for inline quality assurance in the filling and packaging process. Comprehensive Quality Tool for Soft Drink Industry DAUSCH Technologies at drinktec, Munich, Hall B3, Stand 357 For years, the company DAUSCH Technologies, with its “LiquiGuard” program, has been offering non-alcoholic beverage bottling plants the opportunity to precisely measure and visualize even the smallest amounts of all relevant ingredients: total acid, caffeine, base material concentration, aromas, important sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K, saccharin), B vitamins (B2, B3, B6), Na benzoate as well as K sorbate or near water flavors. This is made possible by unique optical spectroscopy methods that no manufacturer other than DAUSCH offers for determining the ingredients in this form. The “LiquiGuard Gen3” system continuously measures the beverage flow every ten seconds, processes the sample immediately and displays the result clearly in tables or charts on screens: smartphone, tablet or PC. This means continuous, fully automated quality monitoring of all relevant beverage parameters. No more manual sampling, no more waiting for the laboratory - instead, fully automatic, comprehensive monitoring of all important beverage ingredients. What is completely new at drinktec is that “LiquiGuard Gen3” with the “Quality Dashboard” module can not only process its “own” quality values, but also all data from all manufacturers involved: bottle weight, closure and torque, tightness of cans (seam parameters), carbon dioxide content, 34

Events At the drinktec trade fair in Munich, Bosch Industrial Boilers is presenting its heating and process heat solutions for drinks manufacturers, breweries and dairies from 12th to 16th September 2022. Faced with very high energy prices, unreliable fuel supplies and ambitious climate targets, a future-proof supply with steam and heat is an important factor for the sector. The experts at Bosch support companies across the globe with these huge challenges: With upgrades including for fuel flexibility, increasing energy efficiency and using alternative energy sources. Photo: Q-Dashboard (Smartphone) Brix, conductivity, and much more. In this way, the operating personnel on the line as well as in the syrup room, in the quality assurance laboratory or even on the move can query and check all values of the entire filling line at any time in real time. With “LiquiGuard Gen3” and the “Quality Dashboard” DAUSCH offers a web application that has not existed before and which will ensure an enormous quality step in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Supply Reliability, Energy Savings and Carbon Neutrality Bosch Industrial Boilers at drinktec, Munich, Hall B3, Stand 231 Photo: Bosch Industrial Boilers is presenting the new ELSB electric steam boiler at the Drinktec trade fair – 100 per cent electric and fully carbon neutral with green electricity. Multi-fuel firing systems create a very high level of supply reliability in the area of fuel supply. Systems with local fuel storage tanks or using self-generated energy from renewable sources ensure interruption-free operation during times of insufficient main fuel supply. Even existing systems which have CSG-2, DSG-2, FSG-2 Series OILFREE.AIR – Sustainably robust for hygienically sensitive processes • Powerful: flow rates up to 13.5 m³/min • Super Premium Efficiency: energy-saving IE4 motors • Industrie 4.0 ready: SIGMA CONTROL 2 controller • Innovative: i.HOC rotation dryer (optional) for pressure dew points down to -30°C • Water cooling: optional heat exchanger for particularly low compressed air discharge temperatures • Energy-saving: heat recovery for hot water up to 90°C OILFREE.AIR In the event of an unplanned compressed air bottleneck, KAESER has the perfect solution with an all-in-one CONTAIN-AIR turnkey system – no matter whether to cover a compressor failure, to bridge maintenance and repair times, or to accommodate temporarily higher compressed air demand. drinkworld Technology + Marketing · September 2022 35

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